Wouldn’t it be great if we could just wake up in our early life and have all the wisdom in the world? Wisdom would save us from a lot of the bad decisions we would make in the years to come! Too bad, though, it doesn’t work that way. Well, how do we acquire the wisdom we need for situations and for the life plans we have? Simple, find yourself a mentor or teacher to give you the years of information you do not yet have. Learning is the creation of a relationship between two things.We think that when we learn we are figuring something out, but it isn’t that. It is a relationship between the known and unknown in your life. If someone uses a reference that you understand to get the premise of something you may not know yet, it will be a lot easier for you to put this info in your memory bank! Wisdom will help you get mature quicker and understand the tasks at hand in your life. If you have an understanding, then you have a grip on what will go after. The only thing different then people around you is knowledge and work ethic.  This company http/ www.calgarysbestowing.net/ my friend works with is a perfect example of since they work hard every day to help and retain customers and succeed in a crumbling economy. Continue reading


We are in a weird time in our society right now. We have so much beauty in our world like the technology we have developed; It is connecting the world more and more every day. Social media, apps, the internet, and several other platforms have been laid out for us to know what is going around the globe in seconds. This is a remarkable feat we have accomplished of course! But, there is something I must bring to your attention, and it is that we have become so consumed by all of it that it has distracted us from what our lives are really meant to be about. I know all about going on Youtube and finding some interesting videos and getting lost in a time warp of videos and documentaries that have taken the greatest hours of my day. Then I just sit in bed at the end of the day and wonder what I accomplished with my day and felt guilty about how distracted I got http:/www.cellphonerepairsolutions.com/.

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What are your long-term goals in life? Do you even have them? Do you know what they look like in your head? Do they satisfy everything that makes you able to see them through to the end? Do you even think about the questions I just asked you lol? Okay good because we have to stop believing that we will live 1000 years and start realizing that this thing called life is short. If you were born and someone told you that you were going to die, what would you do? Well ill tell you this; there have been several studies that have discovered that people who have near death experiences and come back to tell about it have a different view on life. They start to appreciate what life really is and the time they have left. They look at the flowers and sky like it was the first time they have seen it. They started to see past the surface of all that they overlooked before and noticed all the great detail. The detail was there all along, but something in life had to trigger this way of viewing the object you’re looking at. These people who have had near-death experiences get their gears moving and want to accomplish all that they can! They become so enlightened and motivated that you don’t even recognize them anymore. Continue reading

Every Possible Reason to Fail


There is always going to be barriers and reasons why you could fail at anything you are trying to attempt. There is also a reason why you could succeed as well. There is probably going to be more reasons to fail than win, but tats what makes it exciting don’t you think? If the answer were just clear cut wouldn’t everyone be able to accomplish whatever it is, they are aiming for? You have to look at challenges as a way to grow and better yourself because then you will be more than you were yesterday! Let me give you some advice! You should never wish that things are easier, but that you would be better to handle the task at hand. Once you start thinking in that light, you will be able to see the world in positive light! That positive light changes everything in someone’s world who can only see the dark in everything! A very inspirational story comes from a man by the name of Micheal Oher. Micheal is an NFL football player, and he plays for the Baltimore Ravens. Yeah, just a football player hey? Wrong this man’s story is so moving that a fellow by the name of Micheal Lewis made a book on him and later it was put on the big screen as a huge blockbuster hit! The movie was called ‘The Blind Side’ and won many awards for its celestial performance starring none other than Sandra Bullock as the female lead! In the early days of Micheal Oher, he was brought into situations that a youngster should never see. His mom was addicting to crack cocaine, and his father was murdered from his lifestyle in the street.Micheal was put in and out of foster homes all over Memphis, Tennessee for the first 16 years of his life. What happened next to this individual was remarkable. Continue reading