Every Possible Reason to Fail


There is always going to be barriers and reasons why you could fail at anything you are trying to attempt. There is also a reason why you could succeed as well. There is probably going to be more reasons to fail than win, but tats what makes it exciting don’t you think? If the answer were just clear cut wouldn’t everyone be able to accomplish whatever it is, they are aiming for? You have to look at challenges as a way to grow and better yourself because then you will be more than you were yesterday! Let me give you some advice! You should never wish that things are easier, but that you would be better to handle the task at hand. Once you start thinking in that light, you will be able to see the world in positive light! That positive light changes everything in someone’s world who can only see the dark in everything! A very inspirational story comes from a man by the name of Micheal Oher. Micheal is an NFL football player, and he plays for the Baltimore Ravens. Yeah, just a football player hey? Wrong this man’s story is so moving that a fellow by the name of Micheal Lewis made a book on him and later it was put on the big screen as a huge blockbuster hit! The movie was called ‘The Blind Side’ and won many awards for its celestial performance starring none other than Sandra Bullock as the female lead! In the early days of Micheal Oher, he was brought into situations that a youngster should never see. His mom was addicting to crack cocaine, and his father was murdered from his lifestyle in the street.Micheal was put in and out of foster homes all over Memphis, Tennessee for the first 16 years of his life. What happened next to this individual was remarkable. Continue reading